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The guiding principal of ServerClub is to provide the highest level of quality and professional service for projects no matter how complex. We use only quality equipment from band name manufacturers (HP, Cisco, Dell, and others). All of our servers are under 24 hour monitoring both internally and externally.

We don't provide "shared" channels: each of our servers is connected to a dedicated port. ServerClub offers premium plans with through speeds of up to 20 Gbit/sec to the server. It is vital for us that the equipment we rent to you works to its full capacity.

Without excessive modesty, ServerClub is the most flexible provider of dedicated hosting. Our portfolio has a huge list of individual options, for example, private clouds, HPC-cluster using Nvidia adapters, software-defined data storage (SDS), and many others.

Working with ServerClub means complete freedom of choice in everything. You can chose a server configured the way you need and set it up for any operating system, adding any necessary applications. Our technical support will solve any problem, expand the Internet-channel, help you transition to a more powerful server and, if necessary, take over the administration of your equipment for free. On the other hand, if you can handle everything yourself - we don't even have to have access to your servers.

Our support service is available 24/7 and, according to the opinions of ServerClub clients, is one of the best in the dedicated hosting marketplace. All of our employees are certified professionals with ample on the job experience. We can set up the OS, fine tune the network, optimize the DB, load server applications, and organize backup processes. Moreover, we can take over the administration of your server if need be. Join ServerClub and some of the best professionals in the business will be working to guarantee the success of your project absolutely free of charge.



  • Unknown equipment
  • Low speed
  • Ordinary service
  • Excessive options
  • Formal approach

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  • Technical support 24/7;
  • Our staff members have professional certifications and experience;
  • Custom congifurations;
  • Personal account with detailed statistics and reports;
  • All credit cards and Webmoney accepted for payment;
  • Referral and Partner programms;
  • Dell and HP servers of guaranteed quality;
  • Reliable data centers in USA and Europe;
  • Industrial-grade Cisco network equipment;
  • All types of server configurations available;
  • Availability of Internet connection channels up to 40Gbs/each server;
  • A convenient app for iPhone;



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