Our Instant Setup service means that you will receive access to your server immediately upon payment. Please note that if you have special requirements for the server, that may take up to 24-hours or even a few days in the event that we need to purchase special equipment for your particular needs.

  • What does Instant Setup of
    the server mean?

    The Instant Setup of the server is a unique service that ServerClub offers its clients free of charge. We have some of the most popular server models all ready setup with the most frequently requested operating systems and ready to go. We've tried to create the maximum amount of options with different SAS and SAT hard drives, memory size, and RAID configurations. If you find the right combination of hardware and software in our list - the server will be ready for your use instantly.

    If you have additional requirements (for example, specific configuration of hard drive partitions or OS that is not in the list of most frequently requested), you can use the Quick Server Setup, and your personal server will be set up within 1-24 hours, depending on when you place your order. Quick Server Setup will launch automatically if you do not enter anything in the "Settings" field on the order page. The service is free of charge.

    You can review the list of server configurations offered here.

  • How does the Instant Setup
    of the server work?

    ServerClub always maintains several servers with preinstalled OS and some of the most frequently requested configurations in reserve for its clients. If you leave the field "Settings" blank when placing the order, the system will automatically send you the information you need to access your server immediately after payment. Later you can change any of the settings or install any necessary software by yourself or with the assistance of our tech support team.



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