• Why do you need
    a VPN server?

    At present, this is one of the safest methods of protecting the privacy of the data you work with. IN addition to personal information, there is also business-related information which is usually a lot more valuable than you can imagine. It deserves to be noted that in the 21st century, even an unauthorized access to your mailbox can lead to the loss of domains, financial documentation, trade secrets, or contracts with business partners, thus blemishing your reputation and ruining your business.

  • What does the VPN service do?

    This service encodes all the data sent through an Internet connection. Moreover, you can provide such a setup for notebooks and desktop computers (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and other operating systems) as well as for phones, tablets, and other mobile devices on an iOS, Android, or other platforms.

  • Why do I need a dedicated VPN server
    if there is a cheaper general server?

    In the first case, you have full control over the server which all of your data goes through. In the second case, all of your data will go through a server managed by a company you usually know little about. Just as you know little about the company’s staff, their qualifications, and technical capabilities.

  • How can I install
    a VPN server?

    Configuring a VPN server requires certain technical abilities which your technical staff should possess. If you don’t have such staff members at the moment, or if they have no experience with such tasks, we would gladly help you configure the server for free, will explain its principles of operation, and provide full access to the server. The last aspect guarantees that the privacy of your data is protected even from us.

your ecrypted vpn-connection
  • How many people
    can use one server?

    We guarantee that a VPN server can be used without any interruptions or problems by up to 100 people.

  • What do I need in order to
    use VPN on my computer?

    You need a program which provides a connection to the server for the data stream from the computer or mobile devices. Turning on the VPN itself is just like pushing a button; our specialists will assist you with the rest of the installation.

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